Finncomm Airlines


Finncomm Airlinesin has a total of 16 destinations in Finland and 5 European destinations. 

Some of our destinations are operated seasonally and on some routes Finncomm is the operating carrier while the marketing carrier is Finnair. From time to time we also arrange leisure flights and extra flights to special events in cooperation with different partners. 

Check also trip packages including FC flights and our current offers. 

Destinations in Finland        

European destinations 

Helsinki Kuusamo (AY) Norrköping
Enontekiö Savonlinna Tallinna (AY)
Joensuu (AY) Tampere (AY)                 Riika (AY)
Kemi - Tornio Turku (AY) Vilna (AY)
Kittilä Vaasa(AY) Bukarest (AY)
Kokkola - Pietarsaari    Varkaus
Jyväskylä (AY)
(AY)=marketed by Finnair