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Can I book a ticket from your web site, if I have a connecting flight from Helsinki?

Yes you can, but NOTE that according to our ticket terms for tickets sold in our web sales, Finncomm Airlines is not responsible for your connecting flights in case our flight is delayed or cancelled. Further, Finncomm Airlines is not responsible for any issues emerging from changes in your connecting flights. Passengers or baggage is not through checked to connecting flights.

If you have already bought or wish to buy connecting flights from/to Helsinki, we recommend that you purchase tickets for the whole trip from a travel agent or from Finnair. That way your flights may be combined on the same ticket and you and your luggage may be checked through to your final destination (legislation permitting) without an extra check-in and transfering your luggage yourself in Helsinki. 

However, if you wish to benefit from our cheapest web tickets, we recommend that you reserve plenty of connecting time between flights. We also recommend buying a travel insurance to cover for irregularities. 

Can I through check-in my luggage to the final destination, if I have a connecting flight from Helsinki

Check the previous question. Only between Finncomm and Finnair flights on the same ticket.

For which flights can I find the inexpensive tickets?

You can find cheap tickets for all our flights, but the amount of them is limited. The basic rule is "the early bird catches the worm!"

Can I book tickets via telephone?

Yes you can, but there will be an additional service fee of 20 euro/ticket. The number for our customer service is +358 9 4243 2003 (Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm).

Can I cancel the ticket or change the flight days after the reservation?

This depends on what kind of a ticket you have purchased. Read more in Ticket terms.

We're planning a class trip. Can we have a group discount?

Possibly. For groups of 8 or more passengers we can offer group fares. Read more in group sales.

Is it safe to make a reservation?

Our reservation system uses SSL-protocol to transfer any classified information, so your personal information is being transferred with a safe and widely approved method.

Is the order confirmation email the ticket?

Yes and no. Our web store is actually ticketless. You'll receive an order confirmation after your reservation, but the actual "ticket" will be transferred from our systems to the airport. We recommend that you take this confirmation along to the check-in desk to make the check-in more fluent.

What should I take along to the check-in?

A valid identification card (passport) is mandatory. We also recommend that you take the confirmation you got to your e-mail along. Children under 16 years of age travelling with their parents do not need a photo ID.

Why can't I make special reservations such as a reservation for my child travelling alone on the web?

We must confirm all the special service requests separately, because we can not accept all the requests. The special service request rules apply when you make a reservation for an unaccompanied minor, handicapped passengers or you travel with oversized luggage or pets. In these cases please contact our sales service (tel. +358 9 4243 2003 Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm).

Did my reservation go trough?

If you got the confirmation email your reservation should have gone through. You can also check your reservation by logging in from our home page with the passengers last name and the six digit reservation number (like XK56R4).

Can I book a flight using a credit card that's not my own?

Yes. You can use a credit card even if it's owner name is different from the passenger's. In these cases we ask that you give the cardholder information in the address field. Remember: using another person's credit card without the cardholder's permission is a crime. 

What is included in the fare?

The ticket price includes the price paid to the airline as well as various taxes and fees. Applicable taxes and fees are specified in the confirmation sent to the customer. Authorities fees make up a significant share of an airline's total costs - therefore the share of taxes and fees per ticket is quite high, especially for the cheaper tickets. Every Finncomm Airlines ticket includes the following fees:

QU – Passenger fee. Varies by airport and country. In Finland the passenger fee is paid in full to airports operator Finavia.

YR – Insurance fee. This item was introduced in airline ticket prices after September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, after which insurance prices for airlines were multiplied.

XT – XT–fee includes security fee (DQ) and 9% value added tax (YF):

DQ – Security fee. Also paid to airport operators. Has increased significantly in recent years with new security restrictions being implemented.

YF – VAT. For Finnish domestic flights the value added tax is 9 %, which is calculated for the total price of the ticket, including the different authority fees.

There is no service fee for tickets sold in Finncomm Airlines' web sales. Other sales agents may add a service fee.